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Dan Crean

Immersed in food and driven to create delicious confections, Chef Dan Crean’s devotion for integrating classic desserts and breads into the modern era are the key to his success. Cooking in kitchens all over Boston for over 10 years, Crean found his passion in the pastry arts world. His drive began as a Bakery Manager at the illustrious Black Bird Donuts, Production Manager at Union Square Donuts, and pastry work at Alden & Harlow and Waypoint. Crean took his large step as the Pastry Sous Chef
at the highly anticipated Cultivar in the Ames Hotel, contributing to an in-house bread program and a top-of-the-line selection of poetic desserts that helped Cultivar earn the distinction of Boston’s Best New Restaurant 2018. Today, Crean is the Assistant Culinary Manager at the Concord Market, leading the bakery department team, which focuses on scratch-made confections and an artisan bread program.

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